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Theatre Tsvete celebrates 25 years with a show!

Theatre «Tsvete» Presents:

 An innovative bilingual performance

Based on the play «Kukunor and Uniku» by Eero Enqvist

Created in partnership with Theatre «MIME-ART»

Adapted and directed by: Vasil Spasov

Set designer – Boyana Bachvarova

Consultant: Maria Atanasova

Performed by: Rositsa Karadjova, Violina Vasileva-Aleksandrova, Nuri Yasharov and Todor Yankulov

Situated at the borderlands of two enemy countries, two soldiers will discover the Human on the other side of the fence. Despite all the external limitations – physical, psychological and emotional, the road to the Other is always worth travelling….

This innovative bilingual performance brings together on the same stage actors with and without hearing impairment, as well as an audience with and without hearing loss in the same hall. Each character is depicted by a pair of actors, who combine in a unique way two Bulgarian languages – spoken and sign.

The performance is created as part of the project “Sign & Sound Theatre Еurope”, co-financed by the European comission under the program Creative Europe. Other premiers of the same play are being prepared by our colleagues in Belgium, UK, Portugal and Croatia.