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IBT Guidelines now available!

The Sign & Sound Theatre project has produced a set of Guidelines for anyone who would like to apply Innovative Bilingual Theatre techniques in their activities.

The Guidelines cover:

    1. An introduction to the Sign & Sound Theatre Project and the pilot play “Kukunor”
    2. Concept of Innovative Bilingual Theatre
    3. Key Artistic and Technical Recommendations by the artistic directors who produced each version of “Kukunor”. This includes advice on:
      • Preparation
      • Budgeting
      • Interpreters/Translation
      • Sign-language
      • Music
      • Rhythm
      • Costumes
      • Lighting
      • Design
      • Audience
    1. Comments on the Creative Process for Kukunor by Project Partners
    2. Audience Feedback from the performances
    3. EU Deaf-Led and Sign-Language Theatre
    4. Introduction to Deaf Culture and Sign Language History