is inviting Deaf artists and performing arts companies using sign language to register on this open web platform.

We aim to share information, to create a knowledge centre for arts and deaf community.

We especially encourage more inclusive open arts forms where deaf and hearing artists and audiences create arts and enjoy culture together in an equal and inclusive way.

To register on this platform there are only three eligibility criteria:

  1. You self-identify as a deaf artist, you are a deaf-led company, or your company is inclusive working with sign language.
  2. You create performing arts for the public.
  3. You are open to international contacts in the field of deaf arts

If you fulfil the profile criteria, you are invited to fill in your own profile page.

Your profile will be publicly available in the database. Please read our Privacy Notice to find out more about how we use and store your data, and how you can opt out. 

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