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Performances in Sofia, Bulgaria

Performed by: Rossitsa Karadjova, Violina Vassileva-Aleksandrova, Nuri Yasharov and Todor Yankulov

Situated at the borderlands of two enemy countries, two soldiers will discover the Human on the other side of the fence. Despite all the external limitations – physical, psychological and emotional, the road to the Other is always worth travelling. See news for more details 


Performances in Croatia

It is located on the border of two enemy States, but also on the border of Java and SNA – where they meet deaf and including, lovers and enemies, soldiers and civilians, women and men – the show “Guardians of Dreams” invites you to know your own and other’s boundaries and Answer the questions:

Is it possible to establish contact with another human being despite the constraints?

What does it really mean to be inclusive?

Can the deaf and the enemies become lovers?

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