Innovative Bilingual Theatre with Sign Language

Dear actor, actress,  arts director & arts manager

Recently, our team from did a small survey looking for artists and arts organisations in Europe who use sign language. We received around 90 responses, amongst which one from or about you or your organisation. is a Creative Europe project, funded by the European Commission, to promote ‘inclusive bilingual theatre’ as a format to bring together deaf and hearing actors, and deaf and hearing audiences. In the next few months, theatre companies from 5 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal, U.K. and Belgium) will premiere the “Kukunor”, by Eero Enqvist, in their own spoken and sign languages. This theatre format, where hearing and deaf actors play together on an equal basis in duo-roles, can become a powerful instrument to reach more deaf audiences but also to create mixed audiences of hearing and deaf spectators.

To give you the chance to learn more about this IBT-inclusive bilingual theatre method, we are organising an open workshop in Lisbon on 19-20th October 2018.

Introduction to the innovative Bilingual Theatre Method

Vo’Arte is co-organizer of the European project, funded by the European Commission’s Creative Europe program.

The main objective of this project is to promote Deaf Theatre at a European level and in particular the pioneer method of IBT (Innovative Bilingual Theater) that brings together deaf and hearing actors on stage and deaf and hearing people on the audience.

The IBT is an innovative technique that simultaneously integrates sign and oral language allowing the full participation and enjoyment of the artistic experience both by artists and public.
Sign & Sound Theatre Europe, in addition to conducting workshops introducing the new IBT technique, will produce the play “Kukunor”, written by Eero Enqvist (Finland), adapted and presented in the five partner countries of the project: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal and United Kingdom.

On October 19, Vo’Arte organizes the workshop “Introduction to the Innovative Bilingual Theatre Method” with the Finnish actor and director Eero Enqvist and on October 20 and 21 it will premiere the performance 3,50×2,70 [three and a half two seventy] an adaptation of the original play “Kukunor”, in Teatro do Bairro.

“Introduction to the Innovative Bilingual Theatre Method”

9h30> Welcome and registration participants
The workshop is attended by all partners of the European project.

Eero Enqvist, author Kukunor
Ivo Peeters, project leader

10h45 – 12h30> FIVE BEST PRACTICES
– University of Wolverthampton
– Cekate and Dlan, Zagreb
– Vo’Arte, Lisboa
– Teatre Tsvete, Sofia
– De Zeyp, Bruxelas


14.30 – 17h30> DEBATE
– Exchange of experiences and sharing ideas
– Is innovative bilingual theatre a method to blend audiences?
– What about other groups with other specific needs?
– How to spread this theatre technique in Europe, in European Festivals?

DAY | 19 Outubro 2018
SCHEDULE | 9h30 – 17h30
DURATION | 6 hours
LANGUAGE | English and Portuguese Sign Language
VENUE | Pró-Dança Studios
TARGET AUDIENCE | Persons interested in the area of inclusive performative arts, hearing or deaf people, with or without knowledge of Sign Language, including Translators and Interpreters of Portuguese Sign Language.

Free entry but subject to previous reservation
Those selected will be informed by email by October 15th.

For more information visit; 

WORKSHOP “Introduction to the Innovative Bilingual Theatre Method”