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Guardians of Dreams The “Dream Keepers” show in Croatia

The play was developed using the method of innovative bilingual theatre (IBT).

It is a approach to dramatic text in which each character is interpreted simultaneously by a deaf and sound artist, giving equal importance to sign and voice language.

Therefore, this way we invite the deaf and the listening audience to a show in which they will enjoy it equally without the need for translation – because the whole action is performed on the sign and voice of the Croatian language.

It is located on the border of two enemy States, but also on the border of Java and SNA – where they meet deaf and including, lovers and enemies, soldiers and civilians, women and men – the show “Guardians of Dreams” invites you to know your own and other’s boundaries and Answer the questions:

Is it possible to establish contact with another human being despite the constraints?

What does it really mean to be inclusive?

Can the deaf and Can enemies become lovers?

The performance is reflected within the international project ABbA Europe. Audience Blending by Arts), namely, “merging audiences through art” co-financed by Eacea Fund creative Europe – Culture and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia (ABbA Europe 2017-1696-001-001).

Co-financed by the European Union programmes Creative Europe and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

More information about the play visit http://www.cekate.hr/?p=30802