Here you can download the Innovative Bilingual Theatre Guidelines we produced during this project. They’ll tell you how to use our Innovative Bilingual Technique for fully integrated sign and oral language performances. 

The guidelines cover the following sections:

  1. Introduction (including information about the project and the original play written by Eero Enqvist). 
  2. The Concept of IBT.
  3. Key Artistic and Technical Recommendations (covering preparation, budgeting, interpreters and translation, sign language, music, rhythm, costumes, lighting, design, and audience). 
  4. Comments on the Creative Process for Kukunor by the project partners (artistic directors from Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Portugal and the UK). 
  5. Audience Feedback
  6. EU Deaf-led and Sign Language Theatre
  7. Introduction to Deaf Culture and Sign Language History
  8. National Sign Language Alphabets (Bulgaria, Croatia, Finland, Dutch Netherlands and Flemish), Portugal, UK).
  9. Suggested Alternative Uses for IBT (other locations and other target groups).